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This is a rough idea for new home buyers trying to buy a house. This is The Sale and Purchase (S&P) Agreement and the Schedule of Payment are subject to change. BN Hartajati Developer has the right to make the changes. For the terms and conditions to purchase properties under BN Hartajati, please contact 7151946 for the confirmation and procedures.

1.      Below are checklist before purchasing your first home:

1.1    List down your requirement for the new home.

1.2    A sale price affordable to your budget.

1.3    Compare market price, location and specification.

1.4    Remember buying a house is your second biggest    investment after marrying. Don’t rush.

1.5    Visit properties that are on sale. Check through newspapers and online.


2.      Some salient points that you should take note before making your choice:

2.1   Sale and Purchase (S&P) Agreement

1. BN Hartajati Developer will arrange with an established legal firm to prepare the S& P agreement. The arrangement will help buyers to have reasonable legal fees and reasonable legal basis. All legal fee will be borne by the buyers, not by developer.

2. The lawyers will advise from start till transaction is completed and act in your behalf on payment.

3. Before that, seek advise from experts or friends related to condition of property.

2.2     Insurance

a.       Details of insurance for properties and contents must be studied carefully.

2.3     Stamp duty on Loan Agreement

a.       For any housing loan agreement, a house buyer must pay the stamp duty. Some banks absorb this cost, as an additional cost to the housing loan. There are two stamp duties one is stamp Duty on Transfer the other is the stamp duty for the secrow of memorandum of charge (MC)

b.      The S&P lawyer will collect this fee for you on behalf of the Stamp Duty Office. Please ask our sales staff the exact amout before purchasing because the amount you will pay is quite sustantial, since the calculation is based on purchase price.



A Upon signing of sale and purchase agreement 10%
B Upon signing of sale and purchase agreement
1 Piling 10%
2 Reinforced concrete work up to ground floor Slab 10%
3 Reinforced concrete work up to first floor slab 10%
4 Reinforced concrete work up to roof beam 10%
5 Roofing 5%
6 Brick wall to ground floor 5%
7 Brick wall to first floor 5%
8 Doors and windows frame 5%
9 Interior finishes 5%
10 Exterior finishes 5%
11 Electrical wiring 5%
12 Sanitary and plumbing pipework 5%
13 External works 5%
14 Certificate of practical Completion less booking deposit of three thousand Dollars ($3,000) 5%
TOTAL 100%